Thursday, October 25, 2012

Here is to Independence - Month 23

Yippie... just a month to go for your 2nd birthday... and this is going to be my last monthly post. 

I know most of the times I keep cribbing about tantrums... but there still are somethings I love about the '23 month old Z'. I just love the fact that you have become Miss. Independent. You love to do everything... and I mean everything on your own. Stop blushing now... and stop smiling... when you want to cling on to us... you do not leave an option for us but to give in.

And your Daa-Daa is not your private property. Mommie can hug him or even shout at him... there is not need to cry baccha. Stop just clinging on to him on weekends... I know you love him... but he cannot carry you for 2 whole days. (we were just talking about Independence). Having said that, I must admit Z has developed a stronger bound with me now. Earlier Z was nowhere to be seen when Fizz was around. Now, there are times, when Z wants to hug me, kiss me, listen to a story and stay just with mommie. She does not want to go to Fizz when she wants me and vice-versa.

Z, another thing... just to make sure you know Fizz and me aren't hard of hearing. You can chill and say things without shouting... Please. Our ears are not insured.

You love wearing shoes, you change 4-5 shoes in a day... that's when we don't step out of the house... talk of shoe fetish. You hate brushing your teeth or your hair. Its so important sweets... so stop giving mommie a tough time.
You speak so much Mash'Allah... but you do not speak when we want you to. You know when we expect you to say 'pee-pee' or 'potty' but you just do not say it. You are so stubborn ya. Anyways take your time.

The best thing that happened this month was that we finalized your pre-school and got you admitted in Siksha Montessori. You join post their summer holidays when you turn 2.5 Insh'Allah... In June next year.

You are obsessed with going out of the house. You wear your shoes, take Mommie's bag, pick up the house keys, try to put it in the keyhole (even though that isn't the way to unlock the door when you are at home) and keep saying "Bye-Bye-Bye... Out... Let's Go". I love taking you out baccha, but you cannot expect me to take you out when we have entered the house only 5 minutes back.

Here is a zee-a-boo in the 23rd month of Zeeness.

My Doggie

With her best friend

My Bunny


Friday, October 19, 2012

Motherhood: A Song Of Life - My Song of Life

This post is a part of the 'Motherhood: A Song For Life Contest' which is currently on Women's Web in association with Mom&Me.

When I saw this beautiful video, I kept on saying... 'that is my story'... 'that's how it happened' or 'I'm sure this will happen in the similar manner'.

Cut to April 2010, I was just another woman, married for a little over 2 years. Extremely happy with my job (eagerly waiting for my promotion). We didn't plan to have a baby for another year or two. God had something else planned for us, in the last week of April my life changed totally. I was told, I'm pregnant and the baby is expected in December. It did take some time for me to accept the fact... I had lots and lots of questions ... my job, were we ready for a baby just yet?, were we ready to become mom & dad? So many questions and no answers. Once we made a decision of going ahead with the pregnancy, it was a smooth ride ... to say the least.

It was what you'd call a 'dream pregnancy' in my case. No complications, minimal morning sickness, no weakness or stress. I was healthy and continued working till the day Zoe was born (she was a premature baby). I was someone who always wanted to experience natural birth, and my gynecologist didn't see any reason why I wouldn't have one. On the 25th November, I was on a work from home and went for a normal check-up... due to some complications I had to be operated and Zoe came in this world on 26th November.

Zoe was the baby of my dreams... guess every mom would say that. The baby of my dreams did make sure every thing wasn't hunky dory, Sleepless nights, colic, an underweight baby and Delhi winters all added on to the stress. For me handling a baby alone with my super supportive husband was not really easy as well, I was clueless to say the least. These were problems and there were moments when I wanted to run away, but these moments didn't last long. When I saw Zoe smile, sit up, make funny faces, walk and surprise us with something new, all our worries vanished. She made sure she make us realize how blessed we were every single day.

Today my baby is all set to celebrate her 2nd birthday soon... and when I look back I cannot imagine how we lived without this little someone in our lives. I don't know whether I'm the perfect mum... but Zoe is the perfect little gift God has blessed me with. 

Me and Zoe

Us.. celebrating Zoe's Birthday in Goa

That is my Sweetheart.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Is it so hard to remember basic Manners?

You might think I'm overdoing ... I wrote a post on the same topic a few months back and here I'm again. Things have changed and I have become even more particular about basic manners.

In my Pre-Z days I was pretty chilled out about certain things in life. For instance, if I was standing in a long queue for billing, and someone barged in front of me breaking the line... Chances of me cursing the person (silently) were higher than arguing with that moron. I would also have thought, maybe the guy who broke the line would have had an emergency and he wasn't that bad.

Now things have changed for sure. I can't do things in the manner I wish. I know there is someone whose constantly watching my actions and learning from them. Now-a-days I feel so sick when there's me trying to teach Z  to share and take turns... Reminding her to say please and thank you and do nothing about it. I mean if a child (not even 2 yet) can remember basic manners, why shouldn't I or any other educated adult for that matter. 90% of the times these 'badly behaved' are fully grown adults. I know its none of my business to correct them, but I really get worked up when Z watches them with full attention. It bugs me to see people setting a wrong example in front of a kid. Why is it so difficult for people to be decent and remember basic manners... Is it so difficult?

I really do not know... may be you do... I guess there should be a special manner school for these special cases who can't remember simple things, they were taught even before they went to school.... it sure is a pity.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Book Review - Head to Toe by Eric Carle

Brief: 'From Head to Toe' - by Eric Carle.

Why I picked it: Z's love for animals has grown... She knows the sound of cow, cat, dog, sheep, goat, elephant, lion, monkey, frog, bee, bird... and she recognizes them as well (I swear I'm missing out on many). She knows a lot of body parts as well, and this book brings both of them together. We love Eric Carle's work so much, I would be buying all his books. I don't think I need any more reasons. 

My reaction: I loved the book, the pictures, the link drawn between an animal's body part and ours... it's great. It has everything Z loves... Animals, body parts, pictures, et al. We don't want more.

Z's take now: If you tell Z to get Caterpillar/Slowly-Slowly/Brown Bear/Head Toe... she gets the book you asked for. She repeats most of the animal names and body parts... she also says 'I can do it'... All in all she loves it.

How We Read it: We sing 'Head and Shoulders knees & toes' before we begin, then I narrate the story... we end with the song (as you can hear in the link of the video below)

Age Group: 2-5 Years

That's Z's favorite page

Sunday, October 7, 2012

I swore I would NEVER

When I was expecting Z, I did a lot of planning and most of the time I thought about what I would like to do and what I would never do to my child. Here is the list:
1. I would never force Z for doing anything... and I have been on track, I never force feed Z, never forced her and started potty training before she was ready and the list goes on. Though, I do stop Z from doing certain things, but I try to stop myself than stop Z from doing something.

2. I would make Z aware about healthy eating: I have struggled with my weight and have won the battle as well... but I always thought if I would have known the importance of a healthy wholesome diet I would not have faced such a problem. So, I try to give Z healthy options... though I don't stop her from eating anything, but I make sure I keep a tab on quantity and stop people from pampering her - which for many people means stuffing a baby's hands with chocolates, chips and all sorts of junk.

3. I would never shout at my baby... I hate saying this, but I do shout at Z, and I hate it. I'm sorry Z.

4. I would never let my baby see television for more than 2 hours: On weekdays I do this successfully, Z loves her books more than anything else. I make sure I take Z out for sometime, if not anywhere else I take her to the terrace.

5. I will never let Z stay awake late in night: Some days she is asleep by 10 p.m and at times she is awake till midnight. I hate it but I just try to make sure she sleeps on time most of the days.

6. I would never take my child to a movie theater: I used to hate seeing kids cry their lungs out in the theater, but that was before I had Z. I have taken Z for a movie couple of times, but generally we avoid it.

7. I would never utter bad words in front of my baby: Well, most of the time I do keep this in mind, but once or twice I do say something inappropriate I feel terrible.

8. I swore I would never make Z totally dependent on me or Fizz: And I proudly say, we are doing this successfully. Fizz and I both feel that Z should grow as an independent girl, who is capable of doing everything she wants on her own.

9. I swore I would never become a SAHM (That's just not me): For a good 1.5 years, I was a SAHM and it was more than I can digest... so now I'm back to work as a WFHM and I'm loving it and Z is liking this arrangement as well.

Before I finish, I would like to thank Canvas of My Thoughts... for introducing this topic and making me realize where I'm lagging behind. I must say, I'm doing a pretty good job.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Me and the Weekend Post

So I'm back with my mantra Write on Weekends... Weekdays have been very busy, and so have weekends but I can't give up writing and can't stop writing about Z... Right now I'm watching Ek Tha Tiger on DVD (Kya din aa gaye hain) and blogging together. I know... I know... I'm a pro at multitasking.

We are finally through with Z's admission thing. Siksha Montessori it is... I'm extremely impressed by the school and I just hope we have chosen the right one. I liked Siksha, besides it being a Montessori are many.

- I'm extremely clear about having Z admitted in a Montessori school. Siksha is a pure Montessori and not a diluted one like many other schools.
- I met Mita Ma'am who runs Siksha, and after speaking to her, discussing what we want for Z and about Siksha... I'm very impressed. She wasn't trying to sell the school, she just told us how they function and took us around.
- Attending the Open House was like a Cherry on the cake. I loved seeing the equipments, talking to the teachers and seeing children work in that environment. The best thing was seeing the kids... they were so disciplined and quiet.

So, at least for 3 years after Z joins Siksha (that is in June 2013), I will be tension free and then the big thing.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Maybe I'm a different kind of mom altogether...

Sorry ... Long Post Ahead... Emotional Outburst.

I have heard a lot of people point fingers at me ... How can you leave your baby alone to play and continue working? How can you let her cry out for sometime? How can you not force feed her when she doesn't eat anything? How can you raise your voice on Z (what if she isn't behaving well)? How can you let your husband attend to Z? Well it is rightly said 'Jitne mooh utni baatien'... it isn't the people who don't matter who tell me ... it really hurts when someone who has known me for ages comes up with these things.

You wanna see what kind of a mom I'm? or do I love Z as much as any other mom would? (dare you ask me). I'm not here trying to prove a point or show off how 'motherly' a mother I'm... If you think I'm not affectionate enough to Z that sure is your problem not mine. Ask Z about her mom, you won't understand half of the things she says... but one thing would be crystal clear... Her mom means the world to her.