Saturday, October 6, 2012

Me and the Weekend Post

So I'm back with my mantra Write on Weekends... Weekdays have been very busy, and so have weekends but I can't give up writing and can't stop writing about Z... Right now I'm watching Ek Tha Tiger on DVD (Kya din aa gaye hain) and blogging together. I know... I know... I'm a pro at multitasking.

We are finally through with Z's admission thing. Siksha Montessori it is... I'm extremely impressed by the school and I just hope we have chosen the right one. I liked Siksha, besides it being a Montessori are many.

- I'm extremely clear about having Z admitted in a Montessori school. Siksha is a pure Montessori and not a diluted one like many other schools.
- I met Mita Ma'am who runs Siksha, and after speaking to her, discussing what we want for Z and about Siksha... I'm very impressed. She wasn't trying to sell the school, she just told us how they function and took us around.
- Attending the Open House was like a Cherry on the cake. I loved seeing the equipments, talking to the teachers and seeing children work in that environment. The best thing was seeing the kids... they were so disciplined and quiet.

So, at least for 3 years after Z joins Siksha (that is in June 2013), I will be tension free and then the big thing.

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  1. Multitasking comes natural to us --- moms :-)

    Great to know about Zoe's admission....such a relief na!!
    Even I am searching extensively some decent daycare/play school now a days.


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