Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday Facebook Update!

  • Ask Zoe 'Are u Mad?' She says 'I'm Mad' :-P
  • That's what my new Blog Description says "Little girls are precious gifts like birds and brooks and streams...their hair is tied up with ribbons and bows...their hearts are tied up with dreams. " Couldn't have been more apt.
  • Went for Zoe's 1st hair cut, I had something different in mind... but Zoe (thanks to her tantrums) just managed to get a trim. A big thank-you to everyone at Divas & Dudes for being so patient and trying everything to make her feel comfortable. You guys were amazing.
  • Got Ya!!! Zoe 'milk strike' is over. Now she has milk in a mug (with a straw) ** don't look at me like that... And when I hand the mug to her she says 'Cufee' and gulps it down.Yeah right I'll give you Coffee... For sure ;-)

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