Thursday, January 17, 2013

Welcome to some Z-ness

From the moment The Toddler turned 2, I stopped her monthly updates. I have been focusing more on posts about parenting, my feelings as a mom, reviews etc. but I have not spoken about the many new things she does on a daily basis that suprise us. I will try to keep 'Z-ness' posts a regular feature of the blog.

Scene 1:
The Toddler brings her favorite book while I was lying down on the bed (terrible back ache).

The Toddler: Momma... Read... Please

So I read the book. She wants me to read the book again, and I do it... she is not satisfied, she wants another read. I shut my eyes and act as if I'm asleep. She tries to wake me up, "Momma... Come", but I don't respond (devil me).

She pouts and makes a face which is very hard to ignore... still I don't budge. The Toddler takes of my specs "Chamma" (as she calls it)... says "Goo Night", kisses my cheek and sits besides me. Patting me, the way I do when I make her go to sleep.

Scene 2:

I was having my coffee and The Toddler was constantly irritating me, she wanted me to do something or the other. So I gave her "gapes" (Grapes) in a bowl and "Paani" in her glass.

As I settle myself on the bean bag, I hear her go "O-OOOOOOOO" and I see she has spilled water on the table. Without thinking twice, she goes in the kitchen, gets the duster and starts cleaning up.

I just keep looking at her with all the love in my eyes.


A note to the toddler: Please do not grow so fast, relax... there is no hurry... really.

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