Wednesday, July 24, 2013

On A Playdate we Go!

Zoe had her 1st playdate yesterday. Yes, a 2.5 year old girl hadn't been to a playdate till the 22nd of July 2013. Blame it on her anti-social super busy mom. I think I've taken a lot on my platter... :-P but that we will discuss later.

This was organized, thanks to Paddy a fellow Bangalore mum of the love Anuttara. Padmini is leaving Bangalore for a few months and we had to catch up, I wanted more people to come, hence we did spread the word. Thanks to Bangalore rains only Shweta, Padmini and me could make it to the venue with our daughters in tow. Zoe made 2 brand new friends (Laasya and Anuttara) though she had met the both of them before but yesterday the 3 of them had a blast. The moms did the talking, and the kids did the running around and shouting on top of their voice.

I liked the place we chose, we picked this extremely kid friendly Bistro in Koramangala called Claytopia, and thankfully didn't opt for a mall. After the kids were done with eating and running around, all three of them with their mommies painted ceramic butterflies...

Missed having Sumita and Shreya there... but I know they are sending their love all the way from Canada :-D ... (we got to do it again when all 4 of us are in town).

Now I will let the pictures do the talking as I listen to Zoe non-stop chatter about her new found friends.

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  1. Wowee... Looks like lots of fun. Thank you.


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