Saturday, November 1, 2014

Birthday Countdown - Day1 - You've grown and how

Z’s birthday is on the 26th of November, and we will celebrate her birthday with daily posts – BZM Style.

You were a midget, literally a midget when we brought you home. Weighing just 2.47kgs, you were underweight, but healthy. I was so scared the day we were discharged… how am I going to take care of such a small baby? I was petrified, I remember just looking at you sleeping peacefully from the hospital bed and crying.

Look at you now… Four years Z, four years … we have sure come a long way. You have become such a smart little girl. I always call you my smarty-pants and you have proved again and again how right I am when I do that. 

Now when I see you, I just look back and smile. 

Message for Day 1: No matter how much you grow or how old you get, you can ALWAYS ALWAYS come to Mamma and Fizzy, we will be there for you till the time we live.

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