Thursday, July 7, 2016

Let's try Mumsy!

"I can try Mumsy! I know I will be able to do it" That's what Little Missy told me. Ok! So let's rewind a little:
Z was trying to write some words, and her hand writing wasn't neat enough (according to Ms. Z). So she kept on erasing and doing it again. I didn't want to see her struggle (well, actually, I didn't want to hear "Oh No! Not again" for the nth time). 
I told her "Sweetheart! Please just leave it for the time being. We can try it later." 
And that's when came her reply "I can try Mumsy! I know I will be able to do it".

She tried to walk with a lemon and spoon, she failed, didn't give up, and on the 5th day, she finally did it...

That's something she does every single day, she shows me she can do much better than what she's done. She never wants to give up before she's achieved the results she wants. Though let me tell you... she'll only do those things with this attitude, which she willingly wants to do.

This was something I usually don't expect from a 5 year old. Believe me, I work with kids, and I say so many 5 year old children give up... without trying, "I don't want to do it", "it's boring", I can't do this"... I hear these things very often.

And then, I've seen so many parents push their children... the more they push, the more kids resist. They might do something out of respect or fear but not out of the sheer joy of doing it.

We've never pushed Z, I mean right now, she's too young, but we don't intend to do that in future. Of course, we might suggest what to do, what not to do when needed... but eventually, she takes the decision. Maybe that's the reason why she's not scared or too tired to try. Maybe her eyes sparkle after she's achieved something, because she knew she'll do it.. Maybe this trait of hers will take her places, Insha'Allah. Maybe this is nothing to feel proud about, for any of my readers, but it's definitely a little victory for me and Faizan as parents.

I do keep complaining about lots of things Z does, but then there are many many more things that I love her for... I'm super proud of... And I'm immensely proud of this quality of hers. I can see so much of me in her, when I see her determination, a stubborn streak, when she gets after something. She needs to get it done. As we say in Urdu 'Junoon sawaar ho jaata hai'.

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