Who are we?

Welcome to our world, the way we want it, Its fun... full of love, life, laughter and some tears. For those who are new to the blog... Welcome. I'm Falak (Zoe's Mum) and use this blog to tell you about my family, and the blog revolves around our world 'Zoe' ... called Z. Now (from November 2016) onwards I talk about my experience of 'Raising a Readers and loving it... One book at a time!'

I have a great friend for a husband, referred to as 'Fizz' in my posts. Fizz is one of the sweetest guys I've met besides my A.J (my Dad).

Z came into this world on the 26th November 2010 and made our lives magical. She is an amazing little girl, giving me new reasons to feel blessed every second.

A little more about us:

I'm in my 30's and when I'm not playing Z's mom, I play the role of a Montessorian, a Library owner, Phonics Trainer and a Picture Book enthusiast for children between 3-12 years. I love writing as well, besides BZM, I write for Parentous and MyCity4Kids as well.

I love to spend time with Z and we love to read together, a very important part of BZM is the book reviews we do, I have read to Z every single day from the time she was in my womb. That is the reason why Z started reading at the age of 3.5 years. 

This blog started so that I could create a record of my pregnancy and keep my family and friends up to date. Now it exists for 2 reasons: Keeping my family and friends updated about Z and keeping a track of the beautiful things that have happened and are waiting to happen... Now we will only talk of books and more books. 

Contact me…

I love it when people get in touch with me; email me at randerian.falak@gmail.com
Or say hello on Twitter @falak1308


  1. Loved going through your blog. Especially the way you recorded minor details of your baby's growth.....


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