Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Confessions of a new Mum

People talk lots about mother’s touch, love, and all sorts of emotions attached with motherhood. Frankly speaking (and I want to kill myself for being so blunt and accepting it) the initial few days/rather weeks were tough - to say the least. I didn’t find love flowing and oozing out for Zoe from day one. It is another story now that I can’t keep my eyes off my darling daughter for a second.
Things became tougher because I have never handled kids this small before. The only child I held before I was blessed with Zoe was my nephew. And the first time I took Zefan in my arms was when he was 6 months old. Here I was given the responsibility to not only hold but take care of a small little baby who was hardly couple of hours of age. It is another story that I’m now a pro at handling any child.
People come up with all kind of advice and being a new mommy I did not know what to listen to and what not to. Now I have adopted a simple method. I listen and check the information on Google before following any advice. Also for me, to each his/her own, as no two babies are alike, same things cannot be right for all kids.
When you are pregnant, no one tells you about the not so good things that you face-maybe because of the fact that this period is nothing as compared to the lifelong pleasure of being a parent. Still, for a new mom/dad these things can be very intimidating and can be extremely daunting at times.
To top it all, if you are a working woman; it becomes important for you to take some key decisions in life. Whether you would want to join work back immediately, if yes how would things function at home, etc. This problem becomes huge if you want to continue working and your family isn’t supportive enough.
Amongst all this you successfully become a super mom for your baby (well hopefully, as I still have a long way to go). Right now, I'm just enjoying the experience and looking forward to wonderful years ahead.

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