Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Age Dads

People keep on harping on the fact that mommies have a huge hand in raising up children. Especially when the children are young infants, it is believed that daddies dont play a huge role.

Well things every where are changing and this perspective about dads sure needs a re-look. It will be unfair to say dads don't play an important role, as the new age dads (most of them) are not only participating but excelling when it comes to parenting. There are various things dads are better at (talking from experience):

  • Dads have bigger hands and firmer grips... hence dads are better at burping babies. You manage to help your baby burp comfortably and fast, vis-a-vie a new mom.
  • For moms in yesteryears, having babies meant staying hibernated, but for a new mom it is very important to go out shopping, dining etc. When you need to carry your bundle of joy in a sling, dads are better equipped to do it. As they will take longer to get tired.
  • Feeding from bottle or solids, as dads generally do not feed and are much more patient.
  • New Daddies love putting their little ones to bed, because this is a bonding time for the father and child. Also dads are stronger and the child feels more secure in their strong arms.
Parents should remember that their dadies are the strongest, biggest and most powerful in the eyes of their children, hence dads should be proud of being the best dads for their children.

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