Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cheers to New Mommies World.

When you become a mom you become a part of a brand new group, a group comprising of Sleep deprived, exhausted, memory impaired women. You are able to connect with this group as soon as you give birth to your baby. What follows is lots of comparisons, discussions and debates. No one can understand the plight/happiness of a new mom but a new mother herself (A live example is our very own group).

This new found club, a unique union does not require a formal meeting. In fact some people hardly know anything about each other than the fact that their babies fall in the same age group (well almost). All members aren't like minded which at times gives rise to heated debates on topics like breastfeeding v/s formula, diapers v/s nappies, girls v/s boys, working v/s SAHM and so on.

New moms can also boost of a new kind of humor which only "Moms" can understand. Discussing baby poops can make mommies laugh out load, the short-comings of a new dad brings the much needed smile on our lips.

The bonding that happens is amazing. Mom groups are so powerful, that all of a sudden a sis-in-law who you couldn't see, becomes your sole mate. The newer moms who join the group, need a ear to listen to their queries and the 'experienced moms' flood them with suggestions. It becomes the responsibility of the experts to inform the new mommas about colic, swaddling, starting solids, etc.

The best part of this bonding is we celebrate the smallest victories only we can find.

Tip Time: Talk to a new mom who you know. Remember, instead of loading her with advice, listen to her, sympathize with her, and tell her about one of your hilarious and embarrassing new-mom screw-ups. She will not only appreciate it but be grateful to you.

Here is to our New Mommies world... Happy Bonding and Happy Parenting.

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