Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hmmmmm... How I wish...

The moment I knew I was pregnant with Zoe, I had always wished for a normal delivery. I always wanted to feel the moment and I wanted to witness the birth of my baby in front of my own eyes.

All was good during my pregnancy, I didn't face any problem what so ever (touch wood). All my tests were good and my doc was quite happy.

My baby was due 14th Dec 2010, and on Nov 25th I went on a routine check, it was a Thursday and I was working from Home. I wasn't feeling good since morning (just mood swings or maybe it was a sign) and luckily Faizan took an off that day.

The doc sensed something wrong and from afternoon till midnight, we were shuffling between a nursing home (where my doc used to check us) and Apollo Hospital where the delivery was scheduled.
At midnight I was told the position was critical as the baby had passed meconium in the tummy and I had to be operated.

Zoe was born at 1:06 am on 26th Nov and I saw her only at 3am that day... I wasn't in my complete senses and when I heard my daughter was born I was elated. My doc told me that the problem wasn't with me, if Zoe wouldn't have pooped ;-) I would have had a normal delivery...

Zoe will soon be turning 9 months, and I still wish it was a normal delivery. I don't know how labour pains feel like, I don't know what it feels when you are going through the entire process, I donno what my baby looked like just the moment she came into this world. I don't know...

Still I can't thank Allah Ta'ala enough for the angel He has blessed us with. Love u my baby.


  1. oh well! i went through labour and then an emergency c-sec for first. and planned c-sec for the 2nd one.

    honestly i am one of those mums who doesnt get this need for natural birth or whatever. all that matters is mom and baby are healthy! but then to each one his own, eh?! :)

  2. @Mama-Mia - It happens at times when you are prepared for something and something else happens. You don't want to come to terms with the fact that things 'didn't go your way'... My pregnancy went so smooth (touchwood) that I was mentally prepared for a natural delivery.


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