Thursday, September 29, 2011

Month 10: Zoe on the Move

Zoe now a days is always on-the-go... It feels like she is going to take part in a marathon of some sort...

She has been moving all around the apartment and doesn't even need an energy drink. Not just cardio, she is also doing rock climbing (read objects like tables, people's legs, her crib etc.), push-ups, sit-ups, et al.

I checked with her Ped if it was O.K... And she said "Look at her, she is so active. You should be happy"... There I turn to see Zoe trying to pull herself out from her dad's firm grip.

A couple of weeks back I was terribly upset with the shape I was in. Now I know, its gonna be OK in a matter of some months. Considering the fact that I have to run after Zoe, pulling her away from table corners, drawers, newspapers, plugs and what not. She is a nice and healthy baby now (Mashallah) so after my workout and running after Zoe, pulling her back, picking her up... By the end of the day I literally have no energy left. My body aches from the day long full-body workout.

I always look forward to my weekends where I can hand over Z to Faizan and relax. Strangely, when I get the time to do that, I miss my running around Zoe... Ahhhhhh motherhood.


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