Friday, September 30, 2011

Guest Post - This is especially for my Love

I am in love… the kind of love that I have never experienced before. This is totally different, as I have no expectation from the other party because I know she loves me too.  I am all lost in her thoughts, she makes me smile, her acts are so funny that they take away all my stress. She has the cutest smile in this world and best pout (PS: Even Priyanka Chopra, my favorite actress, is “Paani cum Chai” in front of her). At times she keeps me awake till 3-4 in the morning, at times she sleeps for good 10 hours at night. And you know what…I love to see her sleeping. She has her own set of tantrums and I love to do whatever she wants me to.  She loves to shop, and I love to spend on her. She is my darling Daughter ZOE.
Zoe is one of the best things that happened to me another best thing was when I met her Mother, Falak. Before Zoe came to my life I used to avoid infants. The only thought of having a kid was enough for me to run away. Thanks to my sisters and brothers, I have seen their babies and I used wonder why do people carry a baby around everywhere. I used to think life can be good without a child. Why can’t they be born as toddlers or for that matter as adults? Why do they always have to cry? Why are they so delicate? A baby to me came with lots of question marks.

All my questions were answered when Zoe came into my life. She changed the way I looked at babies. She gave birth to a father to a completely new person actually. Now, I love kids. I understand them; understand their language which they communicate through touch, expression, smiles and tantrums ofcourse.

Now when I look back, I wonder how I survived without Zoe being in my life. If I don’t see her for few hours, I feel a kind of a vacuum. I rush back home after work because I know I will be welcomed by a sweet smile. No matter how bad the day is at work, her smile makes my day.

Thank you my little pumpkin for blessing me by being my daughter.

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