Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Month 11 - Zoe's on a Developing Spree...

So Zoe turns 11 months today and I have been off from the blog - space for a while now ... there are many new that Zoe has started doing off late. Before I miss em all out I better move my lazy fingers and jot em all down.

The thing I'm happiest about is that Zoe has gone off bottles completely... Now my Zoe is a sipper girl. I have heard so much about moms tearing their hair as their babies aren't switching from bottles to sipper. With Zoe it was a smooth ride touch-wood. One fine day, I just thought I'd give her milk in a sipper, no more bottles... And Zoe was ok with it.

Zoe is over formula milk as well... She now has normal cows milk (as per her ped's instructions... We chose to give her tetra packed milk) here again my baby didn't gimme any problem.

The development that I'm most excited about is that Zoe has started responded to bye. Not only she waves when you say "Bye-Bye"... She also replies saying "ba-bye" (in her cutest Donald Duckish voice).

She's also exercising her legs as she walks, squats and lunges while holding on to a furniture piece or us. She knows that one day real soon Insh'Allah she'll have to let go and walk independently. Oh! How much am I waiting for that day. I'm giving my girl... time and lots of exercise so that she starts walking alone when she's really ready.

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