Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Princess turns One.... (Already???)

Dearest ZoeMoe,

I will start this note to you by stating the obvious..... Time sure has flown by.
I just cannot believe you are a whole year old now... it seems just yesterday baba that you were born... you were so tiny (2.47kgs to be precise) .... the 'tiny baby' Bodysuit was huge for you....

See I told you.... You were really Small....
Now when I look at you Mash'Allah wearing clothes meant for 12 month old I feel time sure has flown. Both Abbi and Mumsu fell in love with the cutest thing we've laid our eyes on the moment you were in front of us.
Sleeping was you favorite Past time
First few days were difficult (to say the least).... Our fun-filled lives were full of sleepless nights, coping with Delhi winters, doctor visits,  vaccinations, and ofcourse The Colic Monster (which thankfully lasted only 2 months)...... In the initial 1 month you had a little problem breathing, but thankfully that became better soon. Slowly Faizan & I became used to you being around and we knew exactly what you wanted.

Your Initial Smiles.... (You were looking @ Abbi of course)
Things started changing... You started meeting your milestones... your first smile, laughter, words, crawl, sitting unassisted, waving bye (or as you say it 'Baa-bye'), 1st tooth (now you have a mouthful of 4.5 teeth) , your crawl and your cruises.... we're waiting for your 1st step without holding on to something.

All these steps/milestones were awesome but what was a relief for both your dad and mum was when around 6 months you started sleeping through the night. Don't think we are selfish ... this also made you turn into a happier Zoe.
You love Sweet /Savory ... Healthy/Unhealthy... Everything
I have heard a lot of stories of mothers complaining about their baby's not eating properly. You do all your 'Nakhras' when I feed you something you should eat, when eventually you finish. When someone eats in front of you and doesn't share, you go berserk. You MashAllah eat all that we do. No bland mashed food for my baby...Chewing seems to be your favorite pastime, you chew everything .... paper, mobile, remote, tubes, pens ...
Love these and many other shots of yours
Zoe... you know what you love getting your pictures clicked. Actually you are a photographer's delight. The smile that comes on your face when you see the camera is amazing ... you give different expressions everytime I click u.
See I have proof... You ZeeKha will kill me for this.
You have such a charming smile and adorable innocence in your eyes that people get attracted to you easily, but when someone tries to hold you ... you shriek and how...

You enjoying your favorite 'Madhubala'
Everyone says you are your mothers replica, (in looks and attitude).... I just can;t get enough of it... because I start feeling so beautiful when someone says that. The most obvious thing that youv'e taken from me is your love for music ... Zoe, you can't stop moving when I switch on any music channel (your current favorite is Sony Mix) ... And the smile that comes on your face when you hear you favorite songs is to die for.
You, with your favorite book
Another thing you have taken from both your parents is your love for reading, especially the pop up cat & mouse book. That's just for a few minutes actually .... coz my Zoe is a busy girl .... she loves exploring things around ...
Love seeing the both of you together
1 thing which makes me feel all left out (which I knew would happen before you were born) is that Faizan spends every spare minute with you.... as if I don't exist .... Frankly I don't mind ... because just seeing the both of you together makes me feel nice. You are blessed to have such a great dad Zoe.... who loves you like anything. And let me tell you, when you see Abbi you forget all about me.... (Bad Zoe) :-(

Zoe aka ZoeMoe aka Daddoo aka Dukki .... you are an integral part of our lives. We don't remember how our family was like when you weren't there. Mumsu & Abbi love you a lot. May Allah bless you with a long life full of happiness, health, wealth and lots of Icecreams.

Love you baby... Mumsu


  1. Happy B'day Zoe...ur mom describes so well that it seems i am actually watching u..lovely post..enjoy ur vacation.

  2. Very well written Bajz. May God bless Zoe with the best of everything. Loads of love, good health & all things nice for my doll. Love you my sugar pie.


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