Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sleep-a-thorn in progress

Did I mention about a marathon in my last post... Well its just that the baby is continuously on the go... Place her on the high-chair and she can take a 180 deg turn... On the floor I have to literally follow her and keep an eye on her, else she gets herself into trouble.
Gone are the days when Zoe slept peacefully.

The problem, my dear friends doesn't end here... She is as mobile in her sleep as she is while she is awake. Its like a sleep-a-thorn as I like to call it. She sleeps through the night (thankfully) and generally by 9.00-9.30 (max) she is in her bed. We cover her from all the sides with pillows and cushions... Still we need to check on Zoe every hour... You might have made her lie down in the center of the king size bed but whenever you go... She is all over the bed except at the place we did leave her last. Her favorite sleep position is like an ostrich... with her head dug in the bed and her hips in the air...

Unfortunately for me, I don't have a sound sleep at all... Even if she moves slightly during the night we get up, and then it takes a good one hour for me to go back to bed... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz Good Night all...

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  1. Zoe has something in common with my girl...Ostrich position!!! Nicely written Falak.


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