Sunday, December 4, 2011

Z turned 1 Goa Style....

My dearest Cupcake,

Your 1st Birthday, like any for parent was a huge thing for us. We were confused whether to do a nice party with all family and friends or take you on a fun vacation (We chose the later). The reason why we did is simple. 1st birthdays generally become celebrations for the parents and family but in these parties the baby gets really cranky seeing so many people around. Besides you have been staying with only your mum & dad and get a little uncomfortable when someone else tries to hold and cuddle you. 

Happy Birthday with Abbi...

We wanted you to have all the fun, more than Mumsu and Abbi. We decided we would be going to Goa to celebrate your birthday for a couple of days. We were a little skeptical about our decision till the last minute, but once we were in Goa all our doubts vanished. 

Flaunting her dress

Zoe the Water Baby

My bikini babe in the beach

You love water and Goa was the perfect destination for my little mermaid. Be in the beaches or the pool you loved it all. Loved doing Splashy-Splash, and didnt care if it was hot, windy, or sunny.

Splash in the pool
That tastes Yuck

Enjoying Sunset at beach
Mumsu Playing Devil on the beach
Exploring Goa on Bikes

Goa meant taking an Activa and exploring the place. You loved your bike rides and felt amazing when wind blew your hair. If you were sleepy. you slept on the bike itself and Mumsu had to be extra careful, holding you tightly. We went to Aguda and Chapora fort, churches, markets and you made sure you didn't miss out on having lots of fun.
With Mumsu at Aguda Fort.
No fuss About food

You made sure you did let mum and dad enjoy, you loved eating what Mumsu and Dad ate. We carried all baby food but that didn't impress you much. You only made sure you got your food and milk on time. 

Enjoying her birthday Dinner

People loved you

Whoever saw you fell in love with you... and you smiled back. This trip has made you turn into a social butterfly, interacting with people all around and entertaining them.

"I love my family"-Zoe

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