Saturday, January 7, 2012

1st Ever Mommy Resolutions

This is the time of the year where people all around the world celebrate unanimously. This point in time (if I were working full time) I would be busy creating and sending New Year communication to our clients. 2012 has started and like every year I have some resolutions up on my list. Before you go ahead and give your 'Gyan' on resolutions, let me tell you that I'm pretty decent at handling my resolutions (have been till now). The reason why I have written "1st ever mommy resolutions" is because last year I was too busy handling a month old and cared a damn about resolutions.
This year I have tried to keep my resolutions as realistic as possible. Needless to say, most of them are Z centric.
Here goes:
Become Serious about losing weight and Lose Weight: I would not say post-partum weight because I didn’t have much weight to lose after Z was born. Handling a baby single handed, shifting to a new city, trying to settle down. Does take a toll on your life and in my case it shows, and how. So as I have already become extremely particular about eating right and being regular with my workouts. I don't think that should be a problem. Have been working out 5 days a day... I guess I need to increase it to 6 times and get my thyroid level checked.
Research/Visit all Playschools in Bangalore and get Z admitted in a nice playschool by the time she's 2 (Nov 2012) not before that for sure. Have lots of work to do here coz I'm not quite aware of Bangalore.Done and The Toddler is admitted Joins in June'13.
Potty Train Z: I was extremely sceptical about it till the time I spoke to my elder sister (mom of a 3yo). Now that I have all the tips and guidance I would initiate the process by Feb end-March.Initiated but she was young, now we're working hard on it...
Leave Z alone: You must be thinking what kind of a mother is she? Frankly, that's 1 thing I need to and want to do. I spend every hour of the day (when I'm not sleeping) with Z. When I hand over Z to anyone I become restless. It's only Faizan with whom I can leave Z, that too just for a little while. I don't want to be overprotective about her. For instance: Right now I'm in Delhi with my mum n sisters. When I'm not in front of Z she happily plays with others around but when I come in front of her eyes, she starts howling.Done it very successfully, Zoe has been left alone with her Ammoo and her Fizzy
Unwind and take out time for myself: Because with the resolution before this my day would be planned in a better manner, I intend to take out the much needed "Me-Time" (which a couple of years back was a necessity for me). Read books, watch movies, meet people, enjoy with Faizan (just the 2 of us-hopefully), be more regular with salon visits, etc. Totally, and I started MLCB, which I thought wouldn't have been possible.
Treat Fizz in a better manner: Now that I'm way out of my postpartum mode, I need to treat Fizz nicely and not just shout n scream at him. I have been really bad to him in the recent past. I know I would curse myself for making this resolution, but I seriously wanna give it the best shot. This has sure become much much better.
Stop being emotional and taking things to heart: Last year was decent, except of the fact that many people managed to hurt me. Actually I let them do this to me, so I'm responsible. If people are saying/doing stuff which is hurting me, nothing is wrong with me, but it is with them. Why should I let myself suffer?
I hate people giving me unwanted advise on bringing up Z. I have handled them very harshly, but now if the advice is uncalled-for I would just not listen.Totally
So what do you people think? Have I been too harsh on myself here? Are these resolutions realistic? What are your plans for 2012? Do lemme know.

I'm so proud of myself. 

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