Thursday, January 12, 2012

ZeeZo... The Deadly Brother-Sister Duo

I visited Delhi after a good 7 months. For a 1yo that's a lot, Z was last in Delhi when she had just turned 4 months and I didn't expect her to remember Delhi at all. Neither did I expect my 3yo nephew (referred as BB-Big Brother here) to bond with Z on the 1st day itself. I was wrong, BB did not take a second to make Z comfortable.

He became the typical Big Brother, he kept an eye on Z and didn't let go off her. Whenever I did scold Z or talk to her in a high pitched voice... BB came running, saying 'No, please don't shout at Z' and 'Mamma please tell Bajsi (that's what he calls me) not to scold Z baby'. I had to keep my temper in check else BB would've got after my life till I apologized to Z.

ZeeZo having a ball
BB's cars are his favorite possessions, and the only one he shared them with was (yeah you guessed it right) Z.

Delhi meant lots of shopping and visiting all the malls. So as I settled Z in her stroller and before I was ready to push, BB took his position besides the stroller and kept a hand on it. Wherever we went and for whatever time, he didn't let go of the stroller... It did become difficult to maneuver but was damn cute. There were lots of toddlers who would come and see the 'little baby' in the pram. BB kept a close watch and shooed kids (literally) who tried to touch Z.

Right besides the stroller :-)
It so happened that Z hit BB (donno why... She hasn't hit no one before that. I guess she was taking advantage of all the love BB showered). And the moment Z realized  people were standing around and I might scold Z, he went up to my elder sis and said 'Ma, Bajsi ne maara' :-(.

For me I loved the attention Z was getting. I hope this bond strengthens with time... love the both of you.

Sharing Choc-Sticks and fun

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