Thursday, January 19, 2012

Z Update-13.5 Months

Z is quite a handful now (God save me and all the toddler mommies who are handling babies - especially single handedly... take a bow ladies). She has become extremely naughty - not that she wasn't naughty earlier :-((.

Z is yet to start walking without support, but my little bundle of joy is all around the place. Don't believe me? Look at these pictures... (All of them were taken in flat 5 mins... Now you believe me).
She starts with the chair
Moving on to the shoe rack,
Talking with the Love Birds

Conversation continues

Her favorite spot in the house with lots of books

Picks up a Mag

Decides to climb up to explore better
Happy sitting on her favorite spot.

There was a small tragedy that happened with me today, the moment I decided to capture Z in motion, I clicked the first picture and the camera threw a tantrum. Switched off because of Low Battery (As if Z wasn't enough... even the camera was acting funny). I decided to take pictures from my Blackberry instead.

So let's get back to the topic I just can't stop discussing about. So Z's not walking yet but she has learnt how to get up and down our couch/bed. As one of my latest Facebook update said "Zoe promises to surprise with all her possible acts before she starts walking without support... She gets off and on the bed/sofa like a pro now. At times I feel Z knows how to walk but just being lazy :)). Take Your time baby."

She has started acting real funny these days. Tells me every now and then that - I'm a seperate individual now and I will do whatever I want to. Z loves screaming, initially I did get really worked up but now I just talk to her in a higher tone or play a song... she quitens all of a sudden... funny kid.

Z has recently discovered the joy of pushing.... whether it is an object or a person. I started taking to Z to a Mommy-toddler program with Rhythm N Rhyme ( She got so excited with music and seeing new friends around, she actually pushed a toddler... thankfully nothing happened.

She is becoming all the more picky about eating. Thankfully, she loves fruits so I really don't force her to eat. But when she doesn't eat properly for 2 meals one after the other, all I need to do is eat in front of her and she starts asking for what I'm eating. (Z Baby your mom is still smarter sweetheart.)

A thing that was bothering me these days was at times (once or twice last month) she woke up in the middle of the night crying. I checked with her ped, who said there is nothing to worry about - babies start dreaming around this age which can startle them. Thankfully it isn't a regular thing.

Another thing which I hate is Z's constant drooling... Because of that stupid drool, Z has rash over her chin. Thankfully I found a solution in Vaseline, I just need to apply a little on her chin and neck.

Something that Z's discovered is her love for our pet love birds. I hate keeping birds in a cage, but Fizz bought these one day and Z just loves them. So I thought I wouldn't mind keeping them for sometime.  

That's from my end, till Z gives me more material to blog about. I'll want to end with a lovely quote I read... Never fear spoiling children by making them too happy. Happiness is the atmosphere in which all good affections grow - Thomas Bray (Food for thought eh??? Keep thinking :))


  1. love your updates abt Zoe....really like your approach on feeding her...

  2. Thanks Nibedita, you will also have to invent all kind of tricks soon... Tods can be quite a handful. And my sister says wait for the 'Terrible Twos'


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