Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Does being a mum means losing your Identity???

If you ask this to people of the older generation they are likely to say 'yes'. Thankfully this is my space and I will express what I feel is right... *smiles from ear to ear*

I have seen new mommies go into a zone where they are stressed, burnt out and in a terrible state of mind. I have been through all this ... and nothing helped me come out of it, friends, family, nothing. Till, one fine day I decided to take things in my hand and change the way I was living since Z was born. And it worked, it worked like magic. I had wasted a lot of time mourning and cribbing about my life. I (someone who was so excited to be a mom) spent hours crying and cursing myself. That was because I was not being the person I was and I never wanted to compromise on that. To make things worse I heard people around me (read relatives and family) saying that once you have a baby your life becomes non-existent.

Before Z was born I was happy, optimistic, chilled out... I loved life, I loved making people around me happy, I loved pampering Fizz and more than that pampering myself. Now (for a few months after Z was born) I was sad, pessimistic, stressed out, I cried, sulked, argued with Fizz... and pampering myself... Wait what are we exactly talking about here?

Now I have a huge task in front of me, I want to change the way I feel and the way I look. I have started taking out time for myself, am trying to see things in a positive light. Whenever I feel angry or low I take some time and think what is the reason behind it??? Is it big enough to make me sad for hours... most of the times this trick works like magic. I have also started working out. I do cardio and yoga... Which again helps me keep myself sane (yeah working out is a huge stress buster, at least for me it is). Another thing is music and dance... this is like my soul. I have been away from it for months... no more.

This change in me has changed the mom in me (for good). I'm happier, I'm myself, I'm more organized and less stressed out. This brings out a happy mommy and in return I get a happier Z. It's a win-win situation.
Happy Me and a Happier Z....


  1. Completely agree. I think for me the biggest stress-buster is coming to office. I was workaholic once upon a time and today although I do get my share of guilt sometimes, but at the end of the day, I return home more energetic and able to spend more quality time with Shreya. Wish u and Z all the happiness. BTW, loved the pic. She is a cutie pie..

    1. Hey thanks... With me I so wanted to join back work again but with no help and Fizz's endless travel it became difficult... So I started working from home, people told me not to coz I won't be able to manage... but I have successfully managed for about a year now... I think I would be a better mum if I don't lose myself in the process and that's what I'm trying to do...


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