Sunday, February 26, 2012

Z Update - 15 Months and the girl is on the Go..o....o...o!!!

So Z completes 15 adventurous months today. The past month has been full of milestones and my baby is becoming a new person everyday. Here is a list of the new adventures she has been up-to for a few weeks/days:

Standing Unaided -  I must admit when it comes to standing and walking Z is sh*t scared (she's definitely taken that trait of being "cautious" from her daddy dearest). So she took her own sweet time and in the last week of January she finally stood without support. 

Standing Tall

Those first hesitant steps - Z finally showed her worried mom and her chilled out dad that she CAN walk. Z took those first steps... She is scared when I leave her on floor but on the bed she has started running she laughs when she walks... (I'm sure it must be the look of excitement on the face of her parents that makes her do so). When she does not want to walks she makes it very clear. As promised Mumsu and Abbi bought 3 new shoes for Z...

One of my new Shoes...

Z Personality - Z is now slowly but surely becoming a new person each day. She is a great blend of the personalities of both her parents. Like Daddy, she loves going into a zone of her own at times. Like mumsu, Z is a definite chatter box, loves music and dance, she is evolving as an entertainer. Z sure has got her mom's mood swings and both of us love getting pampered by Fizz.

Z has evolved into a chatter-box. Here's a sneak-peek into Z-Lingo

Pa: Refers to Fizz

Ba/Ma: means her Mumsu

Baaaaaa: Means a sheep (that's only when you say sheep, Z says baaaaa)

Haaaaaw: Is her response to a Lion

Baiii: Bye-Bye

Ya/Eeeeeoooooo: Hello (She keeps her hand on her ear while saying that)

Aaaaaaaaa: Is when Auntyji (from Ek Mein aur Ek Tu) is on TV

OoooAaaaYaaa: Is when she hears OhLala from the Dirty Picture

A quick Ahhh!: Is when she is pooping or about to poop... Guess potty training days aren't far away.
Eeeeeoooooo time with Abbi

Besides these, she picks up works in a jiffy. In her music class last week we were singing "RoW-Row-Row your boat" and Z was like "Wow-Woo"

Body Parts: If you ask Z wheres 'Nosey' and she will take your finger and put it on her nose. If you ask her "Where are your lips" she immediately puts a finger on her lips.

Let us see what else does the next month bring... Till then I'll keep other Z updates coming. 


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