Monday, February 13, 2012

Movie Time... Fun Time

So I finally became brave enough to take Z for her first movie. I don't know exactly why movie buffs like Faizan and me were so skeptical. We decided to take Z for Ek Mein Aur Ekk Tu on Sunday 12th February'12. It was the 07.50 show at Gopalan, Bangalore.

The reason why we chose Ek Mein Aur Ekk Tu were:
- Z loves the songs and we were sure at least during the songs she will stay calm.
- It is a romantic comedy with no action so that was better. Loud fight scenes would've made her a little uncomfortable.
- The length of the movie (1 hr. 50 mins) was another factor.

The experience:

Z loved the atmosphere as we entered, the big screen, huge dark space kept her quite for sometime. She wanted to move but never in the entire movie cry for a second. In fact there was just 1 instance when Fizz took Z out for a minute, here again I don't know why, because she was not difficult to handle.

As expected Z went mad (in a very nice way) during the title track and specially during 'Auntyji'. She wanted to sing along, jump, dance, enter the screen and shout on top of her voice.

There were scenes were she started laughing hysterically as if she understood what was exactly going on in the movie.

Towards the end she became a little sleepy and started sucking her thumb. She still didn't become cranky for a bit.

Both Fizz and me enjoyed the movie, it was fun and refreshing. Made our Sunday turn into a complete fun day after a long long time. A huge thanks to Z.... Love u baby.

And Finally Z's 1st movie ticket

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