Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Z The Reader

Z gives me a reason to smile every other day without fail. Now I have stopped being surprised at everything, still she manages to amaze me with new things she does on a daily basis.

One thing I love about my childhood is being grown up on books, I wasn't a very selective reader as a kid. I never use to restrict myself to a particular set of authors or genre. Things did change when I grew, what didn't change was my love for books.

I never forced (as if we can) Z to take interest in books, all we did was get her loads and loads of books. Stories, animals, colors, shapes, sounds, hide-n-peek, etc. She used to love turning pages of books till now and explore the colorful world.

Today in fact was something special, I was reading Heidi to her. I read the whole book with lots of expressions put in for Drama. Z loves listening to stories when I read em like that. After 5 mins or so of reading she just took the book from my hand and started turning pages.What I loved was that she started babbling loud like she's reading. I just kept looking at her and kept smiling. Donno whether it was her aping me that made me smile or just her trying to read aloud. Whatever it was my sunshine made my day 'yet again'. Love you my baby. Thanks for being my Sunshine sweetheart.

Don't disturb... Im busy   
I love my Cat n mouse hide'n'peek book 
I love Ginger the Cat

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