Friday, February 3, 2012

Z's Blessed to have you around

Khalas/Maasis/Aunts have been an extremely important part in my growing up years. Infact one of my Khala, is my mom. I have always said I'm blessed to have two moms. I have never taken 'Babbie' as someone 'like' my mum but she's my mum. Z is blessed enough to have 6 Khalas - (real and cousins) all of them have pretty unusual names (by which Z calls them) and all of them have pampered her like anything. Z doesn't get to see them a lot but when she does she is in for a treat. 

Aanie: Z's Aanie pampers Z like anything, she'll be the one who Z can go to and complain about me. I'd not be able to say much, because she's the only elder sis I have. Z misses the yummy food Aanie used to make for her and that is one thing she'll look forward to when she visits Delhi. She pampers Z with lots of gifts and obviously she's Z's bhaijaan's mum (Z's first playmate ever and a lot more than that.)

NooKha: My kid sister has some kind of a magical spell on Z. When Z was just a couple of months old (3-4 months) she used to keep looking at Nidaa for hours while Nidaa admired herself in front of the mirror (yes 'when' Nidaa decides to get ready she takes hours). In our recent Delhi trip, Z did go through desperation anxiety. The moment she laid eyes onher Nookha, she was ready to go in her lap in a jiffy.

ZoKha: OK, Zoha is my 2nd mum's daughter... the kid is fabulous with babies, but with Z she did have a tough time. Z did take a little time to get friendly with her ZoKha. Zoha is someone who plays with Z, irritates her and makes her laugh at the same time. I just wish we spend more time together and I give you more opportunity to babysit Z (which I know you'll love)

PeeKha: Well Samrah hasn't spent much time with Z as the others have, but she calls Z her "Pumpkin". So lets see what will happen with PeeKha and Pumpkin get together. I realized only now I don't have a pic of them together. 

ZeeKha: Zarish is the only one besides me whose specs Z loves to snatch. When ZeeKha talks to Z you can't hear what is going on. Well that's the problem with Zarish anyways. Zarish was my only princess before Z was born and now I have 2 of them. By the way, I won't forget how you made Z cry in Crystal Chopsticks... I have a proof right here :-D

And last but not the least the youngest 'Ghunda' of the gang FuKha: Ifrah wants me to believe that she is the one Z loves the most. Well I can't say much... let Z grow up, she'd tell you who she loves the most. FuKha loves playing 'Peek-A-Boo' with Z and Z loves playing with her till she gets scared and starts howling. :-). 

Z is extremely blessed to have you guys in her life... Love you all...  


  1. My darling princess Zoe-moe, Aanie is blessed to have you in her life. You mean as much to me as Bhaijaan does. You both are two little parts of my heart & soul. Its unfortunate that I don't get to see you as much as I would want to but I'll soon I/a have you stay with us for longer when you become a little bigger. I love you with all my heart & miss you soo soo much. Mwaaaaaaaaaah.


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