Monday, March 12, 2012

Why does Mumsu says 'No'

O.K, you know what Z, I hate the word more than you do (swear) and more than that I hate using it again and again when it comes to my darling Z. Fizz thinks I'm a monster not a mother, he'll never understand the fact that I do it for your own good. I love the fact that you are becoming a new human being and dong new things each passing day. My eyes are fixed on you my baby, throughout the day. I only let you be when you are with 'Pa'. There are reasons why I use the word, and I just hope you understand this.

Till the time you are good and safe wherever you are I don't mind at all. Be it, under the dining table, next to the inverter or behind the shoe rack. There are times when Mumsu says 'no' when you get or are about to get yourself into trouble. There are more than a few instances, like:

  • When you put your hand in the plug (I have put plug guard, but at times I forget to cover it)
  • When you try to lick the mosquito repellent bottle or shoes.
  • When out of all the pots in the balcony, you have to touch the one with sharp thorns.
  • When you have to pick up and start tearing the pages of the book, Mumsu is reading.
  • When you touch my mug the moment I pour some hot coffee and try to sit back and relax.

You know what, when you are with Pa, my 'No's' become more frequent. That's because of the fact that he does many things which are not good for you. Like feeding yogurt at around 10ish in the night, even when you have cold.

Z you know I say yes as often as I can, because I don't want you to feel restricted. 'No', on the other hand is equally important for you to realise it's importance. 
So sweetheart, remember, how much your dad feels I'm a devil in disguise (he likes pampering you, that puts a bigger responsibility on my shoulder to discipline you.) Behind all the 'no's' you should 'know', that I love you totally. 

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