Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The most colorful Rainbow we've seen

Z is like our rainbow. She makes our life colorful and full of smiles (just like a rainbow) with not just one but many moments. Below are just some of those magical moments which make our life bright and colorful.

Z sleeps through the night but once in a week maybe, she keeps us awake till 4-5 in the morning. The moment we go to sleep, Z decides to wake up. We try and keep quiet but after waiting for a few minutes Z goes "Paaaaa"... "Maaaaa", in the most amazing way. Our hearts just melt when we hear these words.

I'm addicted to iced-water... Not tea, not coffee but iced-water. And Z loves Ice, I try to avoid giving her though... But whenever I sit back n relax with a glass of iced-water in my hand, she just climbs on my lap, opens her mouth and brings it close to my mouth. I just can't resist, I have to... have to budge and give in to her demand.

Whenever I'm busy and Z is playing with her toys, she climbs on my lap opens her arms and hugs me tight. That's the best feeling I've felt and Z makes sure she does it at least once everyday.

Mumsu-Z moment

She loves music n dance, when she sees me dance n sing in front of her, she laughs hysterically. She finds it funny... Be it, but at least she likes what she sees.

Z is quite an explorer and loves to go in new nooks and corners of the house. Her new-found hideout is under the dining table... Whenever I go to take her out from her 'den' she smiles and hides her face, as if I'll not be able to see her...

Waiting for Mumsu to find her
Our love for books has been taken up by Z. She loves listening to stories and I make sure I read out loud to her in an animated manner. Now the best part is that when she sits alone, she takes her book, makes noises as she's reading  and copies me (I told you... she is my sweetheart).

Z copying Ginger-The Cat like Mumsu does.
So that's how Z has filled our days with all possible colors in the world. Now Z is constantly pulling my hand and wants Mommy-Z hugs. I can't miss it for the world. Ciao people... Later...


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