Wednesday, April 25, 2012

17 Months and Going Strong...

Z Baby... Happy 17th Month Sweetheart!

You have become naughtier and a happier baby (God Bless, touch wood). It seems like you have an energizer every morning and make Mumsu go mad just running after you (thanks ;-)). You are also becoming obedient (when you want to, that is). So here is what's happened in the month gone by:

Chatter-Chatter: You love reading books a loud. You love speaking to characters on TV, be it Teletubbies, Baby Jake, kids on AFV or your Brainy Baby DVD. Your 'Baye' has become 'Bayeeeeeee' or 'Bye-Bye', yeah you say that very clearly.  When ever you want water you go nymmmmm, nymmmmm, nymmmmm and bring your sipper. When you like whatever you are eating (whenever you do that is) you go yummmm, yummmm, yummmm.  Your way of expressing is more by doing and showing... Like giving Mumsu the remote when I switch the TV off because you were watching it from pretty close, tugging Ma's/Pa's trousers when you want to climb in our lap. You love imitating whatever  you hear...

Trekking Goes on: Z, you are now able to climb a flight of stairs without Mumsu/Pa's help... You don't crawl when you climb, you hold the wall with 'one hand' and climb. Wowieeeeeeeeeee... Big achievement... Super baby!!! Mwaaaaah for that.

I hate visiting my doctor: The way you shriek, its not even funny. The moment you enter Dr. Rao's cubicle you shriek coz now you know you're going to get 'Poi-Poi' (injection).

Looking forward to Potty Training: I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping potty training is smooth sail as your early transition/milestones were. You make sure you come to Mumsu and Pa and tell them before you want to poop, you sit down in Indian Potty pose (funny)... Even when you want to Pee you start pulling your diaper. So I guess its time. All the best baby... All the best Mumsu/Pa.

Z Bani Dhobi: Z has found this new obsession of taking out and putting in her clothes which are kept for washing. In a day she does it 4-5 times.

I can climb off anything/attempt to: Z is pretty comfy sitting in her Highchair during her meals. As soon as her meal is over, madam doesn't want to stay seated for a second. Twice (once I did purposely to show Fizz) I left her for a fraction of a second to keep the used plate in the kitchen... Z used that time to try and climb off her high chair. She took out one leg and was literally hanging half on the highchair and half in air. And for those saying why I don't use a belt provided on the highchair... Simple Z doesn't like that... And if she doesn't like something she doesn't like it... Period.

Refrigerator is my Best Friend: Z has not only found out how one opens and shuts the Fridge door, She keeps on opening the door (and leave it open). Yes, she is giving Mumsu and Dad another reason to sweat. She cares a damn about the electricity bill and if she throws things kept in the fridge out, its not her fault.

Orite so I'm 17 Months Old... Is it a big deal?

Z's obsession with books continue.
The 'Chick's' current favorite The Chick book

Watching her favorite Teletubbies

Ammoo... Love my first Churidar Kurta

Dancing on 'AuntyJi'

Z's Favorite ride

Z in her favorite Lap
Z's Poo-Poo-Pose :-))

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