Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fizz The Father

The title of the post might sound filmy, but this is one of the best post (per me) I have written. :-)

Whenever I see Fizz n Z together I can't help but look with a complete 'Awwwww' and feel all blessed. I have written about them on and off but nothing exclusively on their bond (which is something special). I keep reading a lot of parenting blogs and I loved one such post by Mama-Mia that I decided to do my perspective on Fizz and Fatherhood.

Fizz has always been quiet comfortable with handling kids, before Z came in our lives... Fizz has been a favorite of kids... Be it with his own nieces and nephew or my nephew. Zefan (my nephew) shares a closer bond with Fizz, so much so that he addresses Fizz with his pet name... (Don't ask me what that is...) Before Z came into our lives Fizz was not very comfortable handling small babies though.
Fizz with Zefan
Things took a 360 degrees change when Z was born. Its said when a child is born a mother is born. In our case a Father and a Mother were born. Being a new 1st time mom I was apprehensive taking care of Z in the initial weeks, but Fizz became the perfect dad that he is from Day 1. He didn't make me think for a single second that Z was just my responsibility. For me, Fizz was the perfect hands on Daddy. I started respecting/loving Fizz even more in the weeks post Z was born. Night time Feeds became chatting (read gossip) sessions, Z's colic cries meant Fizz taking Z in his lap and roaming around till she fell asleep, he consumed all his paternity leaves and Work From Home to be with us.

When we shifted to Bangalore (Z was 4 months old). He made sure he was there with both of us. I used to complain to Fizz constantly that I don't know why Z is crying, why she's not taking her feed, how to start solids... I used to tell him "I'm good for nothing, I don't know anything." He just told me "no one can give you a Guide on parenting, we have to bring Z up the way we want to."

When we enrolled Z for her first Mommy-Toddler program, Fizz made me shift the classes from Friday to Saturday just to make sure he comes along and participates. There hasn't been a single doctor visit where Fizz hasn't accompanied me.

Fizz has now become a pro (he always was actually). He bathes Z, changes her diaper (faster than I do), makes her get ready, feeds her breakfast, makes her meals (when he gets time), makes her go to sleep at night... He sure is a better parent and I don't have any second thoughts on that.

Fizz and Z share an awesome bond. Fizz has instructed me "you wanna discipline Z do it, lemme spoil her". Z goes "Da-Da-Da-Da" the moment our doorbell rings in the evening. He doesn't leave her for a second once he's back from work. When we go out to a restaurant or a mall Z tags on to Pa.

I love seeing the both of them together and love the way they are so happy in each other's company Mash'Allah.

Fizz's 1st picture with Z!

Late night chat

Happy with each other

Colic Times

Play Time

Z's favorite right

That is how she slept

Breakfast is fun with Pa

Helping Pa out on his research

Serious discussion


Fun time with Pa
Z's first eid at Dada-Dadi's house
Ba-Bye time

Both are equally focused

Walky Walky with Pa

Splash Splash

Fun at Fort Aguda

Time to chill

Pool was fun with Pa

Pa irritating Z for a change
 Finally... since Fizz is so obsessed with her dotty, I plan to get a T-Shirt personalized for him:

Thanks Api for the picture.

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  1. Awww...lovely post Falak. Girls are surely Papa's pet. Kudos to their bond.


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