Monday, April 23, 2012

Battle with The Buldge

I have once fought this battle but that was when I was younger (not that I'm old now ;-)), fresh out of college and had lots of free time and energy. I was an obese kid/teen and I lost 37 kgs. Yes... Not only that I maintained my weight, I did go up and down the scale, but I managed to reduce when I wanted to.

During my pregnancy I had put on 13 kgs and would've easily lost it. I had lots of people around and started working out after a month and a half of Z's birth. Then I shifted to B'lore, stuck in the house with a small baby, didn't get time to get acquainted with the place. Top it all I twisted my ankle which took long to heal. No exercise and not much movement ... Nateeja : it took a toll on my back. So basically I've been in a MESS (put on more weight). And I HATE it.

Cut to Present: its enough, I have been slowly trying to get into a routine. I'm trying to get my body used to the kind of workout I used to do... It took me 4 months but now I manage to do close to an hour of workout everyday (except Sunday). I'm working at a size 12, Fizz will kill me if I become any thinner than that, and becoz I have a decent height/I'm broad anything below a 12 won't suit me and it would be an unrealistic goal. More than that I want to be fit and healthy.

My Current Routine: I do aerobics for 30 minutes in the morning. At night I do my Abs and low impact stretch and toning (which is a combined 30-35 mins routine). I'm pretty much on track (touchwood), and plan to lose a good amount of weight by year end Insh'Allah.

What works for me:
  • Thankfully I LOVE aerobics and felt absolutely lost when I wasn't able to do it last year.
  • I'm not a Foodie, I eat brown bread, no sugar, 90% am on brown rice (if I have rice that is). When I have non-veg (maybe once in a week/fortnight) I have chicken.
  • I have dinner latest by 7
  • I'm not too fond of chocolates/sweets/colas/tea/coffee.

Where's the problem?:
  • I'm a stress eater (I have to control this, working on it)
  • I munch late at night (have to start working on this)
  • I'm an obese, and in the last 11 years I maintained my weight was because of my exercise and eating habits. So I put on weight in a jiffy and take AGES to lose it.

So, I want all of you who are reading this blog to share your experience and write nice motivating things in the comment box below. I'll be happy. Love u guys.


  1. WOW. Your exercise routine looks quite inspiring. Even I loved aerobics which I used to do pre-baby era. They are so much fun.
    Do you go to some school or you practice at home?
    Right now for me, brisk walking and yoga works great. And over the period of time, I have realized that walking can be a great bonding time too. So itz a double way beneficial.
    For me another thing that worked big time is when had to accompany my hubby to Canada with no help and had to managed a super active toddler all alone through-out the day followed by all the house-hold chores. This period had helped me to shed all my excess weight. Neembu and honey in lukewarm water also works wonder for me. Moreover, as long as the baby is on your feed, it seems you tend to be on the lower end of the weighing scale as you burn lot of calories in that process.

    1. Thanks Sumita... I love aerobics still and I do it at home coz Im alone and get time to leave zoe n go...U are lucky, u started working on it earlier and are in perfect shape.

  2. U r on the right path Falak. I deal with the same problems too. Somehow motherhood trumps all!!
    But as Faleehah as gotten a bit older I have more time to devote to exercise, even if it is just a quick run or a walk and as Zoe get older you will feel that shift too.
    As for late night snacks, keep lots of fruit on hand, cut it and have it in the fridge waiting for you.
    Thanks for motivating me too.

    1. Rahat... U have seen me in my obese days, but not when I lost all my weight. I totally agree with you... Thanks a lot for the late night snack advise.

  3. Really appreciate ur discipline re....hope to get this in my system one day :-)


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