Friday, April 20, 2012

Letter from Mom - The Monster

Dear Z,

Mumsu has been really upset stressed for  couple of days. There's no one to help Mumsu n Pa out at home these days. Pa is taking this very nicely but Mumsu has her famous mood swings back with a bang.

You, on the other hand, are growing into a very inquisitive, naughty and chirpy toddler. You are very good at following instructions baby (Mash'Allah... And Kalaa Teeka for that). I have to tell you once and *mostly you listen to what I say. The problem arises when you don't... Or when Mumsu is busy and you need me. Mumsu gets irritated and snaps back. I'm sorry baby... I know its not your fault at all but its my fault.

I promise (we have already spoken about it a few hours back) that I would think for at least 100 times before raising my voice at you. I'm sorry baby. Mumsu love you loads.

Lots of love:
Monster (Mumsu)

*Conditions Apply

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