Friday, April 6, 2012

Ms. Chitter-Chatter

Fizz and I are quite similar to each other and yet we have a lot of differences. The most glaring difference is that I'm a chatter-box (most of the time when I don't go into 'my zone'). Fizz on the other hand is a man of a few words. No, he's not the serious types, he's witty, funny, its just that he doesn't speak much.

Z is like both of us (mostly like me... hehehheee). When it comes to speaking, thankfully Z has taken the 'chatter-box' title ahead from me. She goes on speaking:
  • while watching Teletubbies
  • while pretending to read a book
  • while watching 'Auntyji' on TV
  • when we play 'wheels of the bus' or any of her favorite rhyme.
  • while taking a stroll
  • while having a bath
  • while her Pa makes her sleep at night.

Not only this, she has also taken up my habit of going into a zone of her own at times. Here she wants to be on her own, stand/sit quietly and do her own thing. This zoning out lasts only for a few seconds though. Like me again, she takes her sweet time to open up when she is amongst strangers, but once she does she becomes her own self. 

Like Mumsu... Like Z

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