Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What's this comparison all about?

You know what? I hate 2 people comparing at what age their kid reached a particular milestone. I know 'hate' is an expression which people should not use regularly. Hating something/someone is a 'big' deal, but I just can't help hating it when people start comparing. What is totally weird is that I fall into this 'comparison' trap many times.

Z reached all her milestones before time (except walking which she started in her 14th month).  I know babies have time till they reach their 18th month and many completely normal toddlers are slow walkers.  I 'hate' to admit I became a complete wreck when I waited every single day for Z to walk. I remember things became bad when I visited some relatives when Z had just turned 9 months. Per them Z should've started walking by them (I wanted to shout out 'Hellloooo... Its 9 months not 9 years... What the hell'). Their babies were running at 9 months according to them... I sure didn't expect Z to walk that early, but these relatives made me think and go bonkers.

I learned it the hard way. I made myself go through a lot of stress (which I later realized isn't worth it). Worrying, stressing and forcing your baby (which thankfully I didn't) doesn't help. Your baby will do things at 'their' own pace. Like you, your baby/toddler is an individual, let them do things at their own pace.

Now the next thing everyone is stressing over is 'You haven't started potty training YET???'. My suggestion for you all 'concerned' souls is 'I know what's right for Z and what's not, when I need your advise I'd ask. Till then Thanks but, no thank'.


  1. What a post ZM.....thses questions really bugs us...has she started walking??why she gets upp so many times at nite...my son sleeps for 8 hrs!!! errggghhhh....

    would do a post soon on this topic..... :-)

    1. Arre they make you go mad... Now that she's walking they are like Potty train karo, she doesn't speak much... Blah... Blah Blah


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