Friday, April 27, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things...

How I just LOVE these rains... Took Zoe for a stroll... It started raining, had to rush back but that rushing back (for once) was fun. Nice fresh breeze, raindrops falling on your face, and my baby singing and enjoying. These sure are a few of my favorite things.

I wrote this on this on Facebook and it made me think what actually are things that make me smile. So here are a few (ten) of my favorite things.

  • I love smiling and making others. I'm pretty optimistic and hate pessimists (if you are one. Please! spare me...) I have my mood swings but I like being The Happy Me.
  • Getting pampered and being the center of attention (I'm a Leo and you can't blame me). And I love to pamper you back. Nothing can match up to a nice hair cut.
  • Love seeing a smile on my loved one's faces (Fizz, Z, Ma...)
  • Dancing and Aerobics. When I'm stressed and feeling low that's what I do.
  • Movies (English rom-coms, Aamir Khan movies, nice old Hrishekesh Mukherjee, Nasir Hussain or a few Basu Chatterjee movies). And I love Bollywood Songs. (especially Hindi movie songs, RD Burman my all time fav)
  • Long Drives/walks in the rains
  • Baking especially Cakes
  • Reading out and playing with Z... In fact just being with Z makes me go lalalaa..laaaaa..
  • Arguing with Fizz ;-)... Just knowing he's there and being with him is awesome.
  • Writing... I love writing.
After having jotting this down I have come to the following conclusions:
  • Writing this and thinking about it has made me smile... I'm happy 
  • I'm a 'no-fuss' person, simple things keep me happiest. 
Want to stay happy... do what I have done.

Yeah I know this is 2 year old snap... And I'm double the size now :-)
But I love my smile in this one.


  1. WOW!! Thanks for including me in all the points above..!! You are a true sister!!!

  2. I did include u... see the 1st point... the Pessimist :-). These things bring an instant smile on my face. My sisters flood my mind with emotions. :-))

  3. Super. Ur post made me think what all makes me happy. Will keep that as my next post. Thanks for the idea :D

    1. Wow... I know how it feels... I love being happy and making others HAPPY


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