Thursday, May 3, 2012

Always Kiss Your Baby Goodnight...

Always Kiss Your Baby Goodnight... Even if s/he is already asleep.

This is something that I always (ALWAYS) do... Not only at night, I make sure I kiss her when she takes her afternoon nap.

It takes just a fraction of a second, but for me... Its my 'magical moment' of the day. I always knew I'd be happy when I will have my baby... And Z gives me so many reasons to be Happy. Love You my doll.


  1. One of our bed-time routine is to recite the rhyme "Ten little fingers" of which the last line is "one lill mouth to kiss mother good night". Even before I complete this line, Shreya climbs on me to kiss me and give me a bear hug saying "Amar Mimme" (My Mimme). I look forward to this moment every single day. Aren't they blessed moments?


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