Sunday, May 6, 2012

Thank God For Baby Girls

Disclaimer : I seriously don't have anything against baby boys... I like baby boys as much as baby girls. 

What I saw this morning on TV was serious stuff. For a little over an hour the idiot box was not acting 'idiot'. I'm talking about Aamir Khan's Satyamev Jayate (this is not a fan talking, but a mother and a daughter expressing her views).
I have been blessed to be brought up in an family where girls are in majority. You are never made to feel that you are any less or any inferior to a boy. I lived for many years thinking that it works like this everywhere. When I grew up, I realized... the I'm not seeing the complete picture... not even a fraction of it. 

What I saw today was an eye opener. I had never realized that female infanticide was a bigger issue in urban India and amongst the so called 'elite-educated' section of the society. I saw women who were forced to abort their babies multiple times, had no option but to leave their house and survive on their own (hats off). I saw people who raised their voice were being suppressed... People involved in this crime were roaming freely. I came to know that this started in the 1970's when Government Hospitals encouraged sex determination to curb the rise in population.

I saw Fizz become all dew eyed and holding Z close to his heart (literally) for that entire 1.5 hours. 

And here were Fizz and I who always wanted a baby girl.

Here is a small request to God: Please don't give baby girls to monsters who do not appreciate her... realize she is as precious as anyone else... or even more. Please don't let them kill these treasures before these angels take their first breath. 

A proud mum to a baby girl. 


  1. Yeah...the episode was so heart-wrenching....I really like research done for this episode...Amir Khan rocks :-)
    I just want to copy paste your request as mine to GOD :-D

  2. Can't agree more. Call me feminist but I celebrate my womanhood and proud of my baby girl. Even me and S wanted a baby girl and planned accordingly and thank God our prayer was answered.

    1. Swear... If we would've had a baby boy he would've got all girlie clothes to wear in the initial months. :)

      Thank God


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