Monday, May 28, 2012

Fun Z had in her Activity Class

I have been wanting to pen this post down for a long time, but somehow found some other interesting topic whenever I sat to blog. So here it goes. Z's 1st parent toddler class was at Rhythm & Rhyme (RnR) Bangalore. This was a fun program where both parents and babies have lots of fun. The kids interact with other children in their age group and have a blast. The music, props, dance, space... the energy of the place makes them happy. I enrolled for the class in January this year... The summer batch is starting in June and we are all set to attend the class once again.

RnR has different batches, the batch that Z attends as of now is 'Bugs' which consists of babies and toddlers between 6 months and 2 yrs.

Ms. Vivienne, the founder and main instructor is a bundle of energy, and she passes on that energy to all in the class. We also attended a few classes conducted by Gina, but Ms. Viv is definitely the better instructor, the kids love her.

Z had a whole lot of fun. She loved the music and playing with different musical instruments (it's there we realised, she loved playing with toys that make music). She was always excited to meet kids her age and loved running around and dancing in the class. The class made all the kids bright and cheerful. I'm looking forward to more classes soon.

You can get to know more about them on their website

Didn't take the cam so had to take pictures from our mobile.
Will upload better pictures soon.

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