Saturday, May 26, 2012

An Adult... Not Yet! Happy 18 Sweetheart!

Hey Little Lady,

A big Hug... And lots of kisses to my Princess.

You are now all grown up my sweet pea (18 months) 1.5 years. You will hate me when I treat you like a baby... but sweetheart I still have all rights to treat you as one.

So no need to start flying when I say you are now an Adult (in baby/toddler dictionary)... 18 is an adult... Right?

So coming to the month that has gone by.

You have become a Yapping Machine. Unfortunately Fizz and I don't understand most things U say... But you make it a point that you make us understand everything. You talk to us constantly, when a phone rings or you see a phone you go "Heyoooo... Blah! Blah! Blah!". No one, and I mean NO ONE can stop you Z. You sit with your books (your priced possessions) and go "Ba Baaa, Dight, Heehaaa....".  As if that's not enough, you have to pick a word from a sentence we've said and you make sure you repeat it. That happens every Bloody time we say something. Sigh!!! The only time you sit quietly is either when you're strapped in the car seat enjoying the view or when you're  sleeping.

Ice-cream is something that brings a huge smile on your face. Whatever the flavor, your weekly Baskin Robins trip is the best thing. And you look forward to it the entire week (me thinks).

You have learned the art of sharing (finally). If you have 2 sweets and Ma puts her hand out, you give a sweet to me without thinking twice, with a big smile on your face. Post that you keep on looking at me till I say 'Thank You' and you give an even prettier smile.

As if words aren't enough, you point at stuff to make what you're saying clear to us and bring things to us (like your bottle, bag, toys, BOOKS). You take instructions very well MaShaAllah, and its not a task to make you understand things.

You have started helping us in 'cleaning up' your mess (toys n books). Its something which we do as an evening ritual... With our clean-up song. We bring stuff to you and you put it in Z basket or vice-verse. You take out dirty clothes from the basket and keep them back (point to be noted: you just do that with your cloth basket and not Ma's, Pa's basket.) When you pick Aaloo/Pyaaz from the  basket in the kitchen or a utensil from the drawer. You make sure you keep it right back... And when you can't keep it back you give it to Ma/Pa to keep it back.

Coming to body parts you know your nose, lips, tongue (your favorite), tum-tum and bum. You also point at your dolly's nose, lips and tum-tum. Unfortunately your dolly doesn't has tongue (it doesn't show).

Music makes you go Mad. The way you dance  on all the item numbers is not funny. You look so damn cute when you shake that bum of yours. Your current favorite are the 2 item numbers from Ishaqzaade. You somehow know when a song isn't meant to be a dance number. Nothing explains when you stand still and listen to 'Kun Fayaa Kun' (from Rockstar) in awe... And I just love the way you smile looking at Shahid Kapur in 'Rabba mein toh' (from Mausam) but you don't dance on this song as well.

You know your mum is an excellent story teller (all the kids love me for this, coming from my own dotty... I felt amazing). You bring your books to me (even when Pa's around) every 10 mins and love the way I read them out to you. Thanks for loving me as a story teller. I get a bonus when you hug me, every-time I finish reading a book. Love you jaan.

You know what's 'hot' if we say 'no Z, don't touch this... This is hot'. You remove you hand and say 'no-no-no'.

You have got a hang of your name. You often say 'Doe-Doe-Doe' and 'Do-Do-Do'. That is damn cute.

You give Ma a high five and start laughing when I try to dodge you.

 Your obsession with Teletubbies continues... So much so that as soon as the weird looking phone (or whatever it is) comes out to say 'time for Tubby Bye Bye'... You go 'Bee Bye-Bye' before that weird looking thing utters a word.

Now I'm reading Gina Ford's book on potty training (since I have no one experienced around). Ma planned to start training you already... But you know I wasn't well... Sorry baby.

 You love seeing Ma do aerobics, you laugh and try to move yourself as well. I must say you have started pretty early lady... Mwaaaaah!

You want to get carried (especially when Pa's around) You shriek when Pa puts you down or ignores you. People say its a phase... I just hope it is. That also reminds me, we went to Cubon Park last Sunday and you had a whole lotta fun. We didn't sit on any rides cause there were a lot of people, but you enjoyed nonetheless. You sat on a Pony (didn't go for a ride... You're too young - me thinks). You shrieked the moment Pa placed you on the Horse... While Ma was clicking pictures.

So all in all... A month with lots and lots to discuss. You are already 1.5 so next task (besides potty training) is school (Montessori) hunting. Phew!

I took this video a few days back.. The temperature in B'lore is soaring high... you can make this up from what Z is wearing. 


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