Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Queen of Expressions.

A baby toddler can teach show someone what expressions/mood swings are all about... I used to think I'm the undisputed Drama Queen of my Khaandaan... but what a tragedy... my own daughter has left me behind.

These pictures were taken within 5 minutes and you can see her drama.

The Naughty me

My Middle name is 'Tantrums'

The 'Oh-So-Innocent' me

I'm all surprised

The Oh So Happy Me... 


  1. These girls are born "drama queen". As always, adorable Z and beautiful expressions. BTW, loved the letter magnets in the background.

  2. Yeah for sure they are... Thanks for the compliment... will pass on to Z. The magnets are courtesy Z's Pa... she loves taking em off and putting em back. I put them high up on the fridge and she hates it.


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