Thursday, May 31, 2012

So whose on your Speed Dial List/Favourite BBM contact.

I read an article on a parenting website and that gave me an idea to write a fun but true blog post.

I know mums are Rockstars and all that... We can do everything our baby wants, but a little help doesn't really harm. Having TRUSTED people around/speaking to them acts as a big stress buster for new moms like me. So here is a list of characters every mom needs in the Drama called life.

Hands-On Hubby: I've always bragged about Fizz in many posts, and he deserves every bit of it. He's a pro (Mash'Allah) when it comes to handling Z and me. I can be in my worst of moods, shout, scream, do anything and he just listens (well, most of the time). He's my punching bag, I have to share every damn thing with him. He's just Fab.
Your Mom - I'll have to admit my mom's not very comfortable in handling a baby... She says she's forgotten everything about bringing up babies. I frankly don't need her for that. Just like Z needs me, I need my mommy. No matter how much I argue with her at the end of the day, I'll need her no matter what.
Elder sister/Experienced Mom Friend - no one understood my post-partum depression as Api (my  Elder sis) did. She constantly lends a ear to my constant whining, nagging, aspirations, dreams, gossips everything. She listens to me patiently and  advises me on (especially regarding Z) just when I need it.
A trusted Pediatrician- with kids, you need someone who can advise you on health issues. There are times when you feel worried just about nothing and no one can make you feel better than your baby's Pead.
A bunch of New Mommy Friends- thanks to my 'New Mommies World' group on Facebook, I have loads of super reliable, equally worried mommies... Who are exactly in the same situation as I'm. We discuss things without being biased, give advise when needed and lend a ear when we need to speak out.
An unmarried Friend - Unfortunately all my close friends are married with babies. And one of my Best friend (whose married but not a mommy yet) lives far far away in the U.S. My younger sister could've definitely fit the bill but she's studying in UK.(Dammit). What does this friend do? She talks to you about everything besides baby and marriage, keeps you updated on what's happening around, accompanies you to the salon/spa sessions, goes shopping, plans girls night out...
A punching Bag - Fizz my Biggest and Cuddliest Punching Bag. No one can take that title away from him.
Your Best Buddy - All my most amazing friends aren't in Bangalore, or anywhere close by. So I stay in touch with them on Facebook. (Thanks to technology). The best part is I can tell them any damn thing and they would give me the best advise.
Your Workout Friend- extremely important. I've many friends with whom I can speak about working out. Thanks to Ashi for inspiring me. Babes, you stay so far away but seeing your post A (her baby) pictures just made me  work hard and sweat it out. You rock girl. When I've done something awesome (be it related to workout or diet) Api is one person who is the 1st one to know. And most of the time, I scold her for not working out. I become a fitness expert with Apz. And then there's Thakur with whom I can joke about working out and being extremely lazy to move your *ss. Thanks for inspiring me guys.

I feel so good after jotting these down. What about you? Whose on your Speed Dial List?


  1. Lovely post. Mine coming up in my next post :D. Thanks for the topic.

    1. Thanks.. Anytime... If it makes us smile, we need to jot it down. :-)


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