Tuesday, June 26, 2012

19th Month - A very 'Happening' month Indeed

So my little chatter-box is not a baby now (yeah I know you've been hell-bent on proving this to Mumsu but I was the one who didn't want to believe you). And when I saw your pictures we clicked the other day on the terrace I had no option left but to believe you my little lady.

You know what I mean... Youv'e started posing for the cam already

So, where was I? Yeah talking about Z... The chatter box. Frankly Abbi n I don't get half the things you say... but we're trying. And you Missy... Try to slow down a little, speak clearly and nicely (Naah... Take your time). I know, you have a huge task of working on your vocabulary, and I must say you're doing a marvelous job (*pat on your back for that).  So, besides the Heyoooo (hello), Ba (Sheep), Roar (Lion), Daaeet (Light), Pa, Ma, Ba, Da, Doe/Dodo-Zoe/Zozo (I know I'm missing many) which you had already perfected by the time you turned 18 (months)... the new ones added are issss (ice), JeAye (Jaaiye) DeDe (Dedijiye) (yeah since we speak Urdu, its 'Dedijiye' in your mother tongue), Aai (Hi), woooooo (cow/moooo), Boo-Boo (for milk), and your favorite (besides Byeee) daat (that... you always point your finger to an object you want and say 'daatt'). Unfortunately, these are the ones we understand, besides these you keep on talking continuously. Obviously you have to repeat a word or two of what we say. Give you a phone and you talk on it for a full 2-3 minutes. Its like a full conversation after 'Heyo'. Having said that I must admit, you keep yapping day long, but you speak back ONLY WHEN YOU WANTS. If you aren't in a mood you don't reply, whether we ask you1000 times.

We've finally initiated potty training, though there hasn't been any success till date... and its not your fault, we've just 'Initiated' it.

Now let's talk about your mood swings and tantrums. You sure beat me hands down on having mood swings (not a good thing really). On most of the days you are chirpy, fun, and do not bother us touch wood. On some days (like in last music class) you become very quiet (I must admit these days are few and far between)  Then there are days when you're super cranky, but those days are even fewer. And girl... You sure know how to throw a tantrum, I mean you shriek, stomp your feet, cry, and what not. I have started a 'semi' timeout for you and it sure works. If your tantrums are uncontrollable, I make you stand in your play pen (you know Ma is angry as soon as she places you there)... You cry louder for Pa to hear for 15-20 seconds, and then you relax. During your timeout I don't lock you in the room (I'm not that bad ... see) we stay in the same room, we just don't acknowledge your presence.

You have proved Mumsu/Pa are teaching you good things as well. Every morning you get up, however grumpy you are... As soon as Ma/Pa say 'Salaam' you touch your head with your right hand, your hand doesn't move from its place till we say 'Itna Bada mera Baccha'. You are a big Nautanki I must tell you. Your Ammoo (my mum) and Daadi will be super proud of you my baccha.

You love open spaces, that's why when Ma is busy and needs you to leave her alone for sometime she leaves you in the Balcony... You just love it, there's a kid your age who stays below... Even though you cannot see him, you speak to him in your language and he replies back. That's so cute. Another favorite spot is the terrace. You get to do all your acrobats on the terrace. Few days are nice and breezy and you love those days.

Monkeying around on the Terrace

Climbing the stairs, you leave no opportunity to give Ma mini heart-attacks

Exploring the terrace further. No corner should be left.
We started going to Rhythm n Rhyme again, and you're such a star Mash'Allah (even a gunda at times) that everyone remembers your name. You love music, you do actions on your favorite 'Wheels of the bus', 'if you're happy', 'clean-up' and 'twinkle-twinkle'.

You have gone into this zone where you love clapping. We say 'Very Good girl' and you start clapping... We say 'Clap' and you start clapping. You sit on your potty and start clapping.

You surprised Ma yet again. We bought a Doodle for you and you didn't touch it for the first few days, so we thought you're small to use it. Nope, you proved us wrong. I left you for 2 minutes for doing something in the kitchen and when I  came out you were busy scratching drawing on the doodle. Good Girl... Still nothing can make you busy like 'buks' do... and I just wish this continues.

This month has a lot of firsts... Now if I say 'kick' you kick a ball near you... You make a tower of 3-4 blocks. We took you to the Kidz Zone in Forum Value Mall, it was your first time... And we had a hard time getting you out from that place. You had fever for the 1st time but thankfully you recovered soon.

Mumsu/Pa have finalized your Pre-School (almost) and you'll Insh'Allah join from February 2013. Details will come later.

So, you see sweetheart... Its been a pretty eventful month and we loved it.

Happy 19th month baby little lady. May Allah bless you and us. :)

Love You.

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