Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happy 60th Mom

Mom and Me
Today is mum's 60th birthday... and the sad part is that non of her 3 daughters are with her. My elder sis is holidaying in London with her son, I'm in Bangalore and my kid sister is studying in Europe. The good thing is Ma will be with me next month and we are going to have a lot of fun. :-)

When I went through my posts here and in my previous blog, I realized something and felt really bad. I thanked my senior at work, my husband, my sisters, my brother, my daughter, my dad, my nephew... but I have never expressed something about my mum. I know I can never thank her enough... but at least I can say what I want to... I know Ma will be super embarrassed after reading this, but I know she will love every word of this. These things that I've mentioned here, are things which are exclusive to our relationship. Not all mommy-daughter relationships can boost of all of them.

My mom loves reading and she is the one who worked really hard to develop our vocabulary and language skills (English and Urdu). We were always surrounded with books, Ma was extremely particular about language, pronunciation and correct usage of phrases. Whatever writing skills I have, is not only because of good education (which she was extremely particular about) but also because of my mom.

Love the way you use to dress us up when we were kids, we were always dressed nicely as kids. You not only bought fab clothes, you stitch the most amazing clothes... for every one. 

See I told you ... Ma took so much care to dress us up (that's me:))

Her stitching still goes strong, Z's latest by Ma

My mom trusts her daughters completely (especially me ;-)). Both my parents have loads of confidence in my capabilities (dunno why :)) but this has helped me instill huge amount of confidence in myself. I always strive to do things to the best of my capability because of the both of them. The way she keeps on telling me... you're born to become a writer (I told you she has huge confidence in me.) makes me love myself even more. :-)

Mum treats her daughters like babies, and I don't know about the other two... but I love that. I love the attention she gives... the way she has to like every damn Facebook status I write. The way she always call up and asks "Beta kuchh chahiye toh nahin"....

You would hate to hear this but you still have kept the child in yourself alive. The way you play videogames, and get hooked on to them... the way you throw tantrums, and the way you have to say 'No' when we ask you to go out shopping or any where else for that matter.

Thanks so much for the love of movies you have given me. I mean, thanks to you I have seen all the movies and know all the film gyaan of an era when I didn't even exist. You are the most 'Filmy' mom I've met in my life. The filmy one-liners you use in your conversations are hilarious.

Last but not the least... I love the relationship you share with both your sons-in-law. They are your sons, and you truly treat them like that.

I keep on irritating you, and I'm the one who has bothered you the most... but I love you much much more than that. You have done an awesome job being a mom.

Love You my Jazz Queen

World's best parents

Mommie (in yellow) with her sisters/brothers

My beautiful Mom
Mommy with my elder sis...
And with my nephew.


  1. such a beautiful expression of love Falak! i had tears in my eyes by the end of this piece...u r an awesome writer indeed! :) and...ur mom is veryyy beautiful!

    1. Thanks so much Benu... And I'll sure pass on the compliment to mom... :)

  2. Happy B'Day to your lovely mom.... :-D

    She stitches so nice....loved that dress of Zoe :-)

    Loved the way u have described her traits...and as i mentioned earlier as well in that 1st snap she is looking the same as u look now esp her smile :-)

    lovely post ...

    1. Yeah mum is quite something (I guess all mums are). The best part (that Ive learned from her) is she never lost herself in bringing us up.

  3. Happy birthday to your Mom. And please tell her she is beautiful..very elegant. Lovely post Falak.

  4. Wish her a very happy bday...BTW in the first pic, ur childhood look is very similar to Zoe's current look.

    1. Thanks so much... Yeah and everyone keeps on saying Z's my carbon copy... so I just Blush :)


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