Thursday, June 7, 2012

Manners Anyone?

I was about to jot my thoughts down on teaching babies some manners and as I was reading through my reading list I found this amazing post by S. So 'ThankUU' S for your post. 

I have been thinking on when should one start teaching manners to their kids... Now I'm not talking about 'Table manners', 'how to sit like a woman/gentleman' etc. I'm talking about basic 'Thank You', 'Excuse Me', 'Sorry' and 'Please'. 

I have seen many kids lacking these basic manners these days, and I'm talking about kids aged 6-7 years and above.No offense to anyone, but for me these things do count. I guess its the parents who instill these things in kids from a very young age. Small mannerisms and acts do count.

Fizz and I make sure we always say 'Thank You' when we give something to Z or vice versa. When ever it is needed we say Excuse Me, Please and Sorry. Whenever Fizz says sorry to Z, he holds both his ears.... Z is still to say these words but whenever we say Sorry, or Z misbehaves and we say 'Z that's not good, say sorry.' , she makes it a point to hold her ears. 

These small things do matter and our tots are watching us.

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  1. We think alike, Falak. These manners hold lots of value to both me and S and even we make sure we instill these simple words in our conversation with each other as well as Shreya. And believe me, u gonna see result very soon.


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