Sunday, June 10, 2012

Thanks SMJ for yet another great episode

Its not a hidden fact that I've been a huge SMJ fan, but today's episode For the Disabled took my appreciation for the show a notch higher.

The spirit shown by the disabled people who appeared on the show, be it K.K, Jogi, Sai, Javed Abidi, was amazing. I could feel awesome about life just by listening to them, and their spirit  towards life made me feel better. Then I saw Nisha Lobo and couldn't help but think what a magical and truly blessed child she is. When her mom narrated the heinous act where a woman spat on Nisha, when she was mere 4.5 years old... The reason just her disease. I couldn't stop my tears, I was so furious on the kind of acts people do... On second thoughts I pity such beings who involve in such in-human acts. I hope that the woman watched today's show and realized what she committed that day was a disgusting crime.

Hearing about Amar Jyoti School and, I trust it's doing an amazing job... I salute its founders. I just hope our education institutes give equal opportunity to disabled students and there are Amar Jyoti Schools in every nook n corner of our country. They have all the right not only on studying in a normal schools. All normal schools/colleges should make sure these institutes becomes disable friendly at the earliest. I completely understand where schools come from, when they don't want disabled children studying with normal kids. Parents definitely pressurize these schools and want their kids to study with so called 'normal' kids only. I really think these parents need a reality check done.

Disabled kids and individuals are no less, they just need a platform (like all of us) to perform. And its our responsibility to give them the platform. 

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