Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Toddling Tuesday

Z attracts attention in a jiffy... I don't know if its the age or my baby is Charmer ;-)
Pa took us for a fun 'Father's Day' quick dinner at Pizza Hut Jayanager and we sat on the 1st table near the entrance. There was a bell which hung at Pizza Hut, it was obviously for people to ring the bell when they have a good time. There were more kids (because it was Sunday, and eating joints like Pizza Hut always attract more kids). There were 4-5 kids around us, all were elder to Z. One of the kid rang that bell, and Z started laughing  hysterically. Bas phir kya tha, one after the other these kids rang the bell & Z kept laughing. Not only did the kids love seeing Z laugh, all other people in Pizza Hut were smiling looking at Z. And after a lot of months we had a fun meal, and Z was kept engaged... not by her parents for sure. 

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