Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Toddling Tuesdays - Family Shopping Spree for Z

Thanks to S from Canvas of my thoughts for suggesting Sapphaire Toys Kormangla, we took Z there for some shopping. She went berserk to say the least. Running around shouting on top of her voice. She played with a 'Chhotu Baby' (as Z calls any baby smaller than her) who was trying a walker. Then she caught hold of toddler slightly older to Z, who'd come with his dad to try a tricycle. She said 'Hi' and the tod was too shy to reply. She touched his nose, hair, eyes and all the tod did was blush. The scene was damn cute.

These are the things we brought:
  • a Doodle. I wanted the Fisher Price one for her, but I'll do that once she turns 2. Right now she manhandles all her toys (except her books).
  • we bought 6 books on colors, sounds, animals, words etc. And she loooooooves em already. Z, Fizz and I especially fancy her 'I love Colors' and 'I love Sounds' books published by Paragon UK.
  • We also bought 2 ball for Z.
  • A battery operated monkey playing drums... Like you must have seen in your childhood or old movies. I didn't want to buy it earlier but seeing Z laugh hysterically, the moment I switched the monkey on, made me buy it.
BTW why does everyone say 'Terrible 2s'? Z already has her sets of tantrums and  has made it clear to Fizz n me that we can't mess with her.

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