Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pepper - Learns to Take Turns

Brief: I love the 'Pepper series' which are published by Sterling Publisher Pvt Ltd. Pepper the main character tells kids about various things like brushing teeth, stage fright, good manners etc. In this book, Pepper doesn't let his friends play and take turns on the swings. His friends leave him because of this attitude of his, this makes Pepper realize his mistake.

Why I picked it: Good lesson told in a very nice way, pictures are nice and the book rely more on pictures and not on words which is good for young kids.

My initial reaction: I loved the book, what better way to teach kids good things or two than with the help of a friendly little dog.

Z's initial reaction: Z liked the pictures and seeing different animals in one book grabbed her attention.

My take on the book now: I love the book, but I have kept it away... though Z loves it, she loves to tear the pages apart as well ... Yes, its not a hard board book.

Z's take now: She still loves the book, picks it up when I'm not seeing. Loves to tear its pages. 

How do we read it: We used to read it in different voices with lots of expressions, so I loved doing that.

Age Group: 2+ Years

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