Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Toddling Tuesday

First few hours of Z's day are reserved for bonding between Z and Dad. Fizz generally leaves late and comes late at night. During Ramadan, since Fizz has to come home around 5 in the evening to break the fast, he obviously leaves early in the morning. Rozas started on Saturday, it being a weekend ... daddy-dotty spent lots of time together. Today when Z got up, she couldn't see her Pa, so she started searching for him. When she didn't find him after looking for Fizz for a good 10 minutes, she started crying and she kept on saying 'Pa-Pa-Pa'. My heart went out to my poor baby, I hugged her, tried to speak to her but she kept crying for 5-10 minutes.

So it was a sad start to an otherwise nice day for Z and me.


  1. awwww baby. I am already getting sleepless nights thinking what would be Shreya's reaction when her Papa gonna leave for Canada in another 2-3weeks :((

    1. You sure would face a problem for some time :-(. I'm sure both Shreya and U would be sad for a few days... but then u guys will be joining him :)


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