Monday, August 6, 2012

'Shuusssss Obsession'

We bought Z these Gum boots from AOMI last week. I thought they won't be used much but then when I laid my eyes on the ones I end up buying, I found them really cute. Besides they were on sale and not very expensive. So I finally thought I'll pick them up.

For the initial 2 days, Z couldn't even walk when she wore them. Now she's become a Pro at wearing Gum boots :). The 1st thing she does post her morning bath and once she's all dressed... Is go to her wardrobe, taking the boots out and running to me with one in each hand saying 'Shuusssss, Shuusssss, Shuusssss'. And I thought only women who grow up are obsessed with footwear. Phhhhheeeeewwww.

Don't miss the mismatch between dress & Shuusssss


  1. The 'shuusss' are really cute, Zoe and so are u in them.

  2. Awww...She looks so cutuu darling in those boots :-)

    1. ThankU... They look damn cute but she did fall a lot before getting used to these boots.

      Now she's a Pro


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